How to Plan Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom construction and design options are ever changing, with new flooring, paint, and tile options available every year. Many homeowners and businesses often consider whether or not it is time for their own bathroom remodel. This can result from things lacking in their current bathroom, including functionality or style.  

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Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel 

The majority of individuals start and end their days in the bathroom. This makes the prospect of remodeling a wonderful improvement.   

Remodeling your bathroom has several long term benefits that should be accounted for in your decision making process. These include: 

  • A remodel increases the value of a home and/or business.  
  • Eco-friendly toilets, sinks, and showerheads will significantly decrease energy and water bills. 
  • More Storage Space 
  • Increased Functionality 
  • Improved Mood 

Remodeling is also a good opportunity to fix leaky connections with the potential for excessive costs in the long run.  

Planning Your Remodel 

When you make the decision to remodel there are several things that must be considered to ensure proper planning.  

1. Develop a Budget  

Develop a budget that includes the maximum amount that you are willing to spend. 

2. Prioritize Goals 

Set realistic goals that you would like to achieve in your bathroom remodel. This should include any issues that need to be addressed and additions that you would like to incorporate. Refer back to your budget to determine if these things can be accomplished. 

3. Design  

Consider what you would like to achieve in your overall remodeling design. This should entail visual aspects such as paint color, floorings, lighting, and treatments as well as functional aspects such appliances, heating, and ventilation.  

4. Remove Clutter 

Removing any broken or unused items before any major project.  

5. Contact a Professional  

Remodels are a big job that require special equipment and services from a licensed contractor. It is critical to choose a professional in your region who is trusted and experienced.  A reputable technician will provide proper communication, work hard, and ensure that they stay within your budget and schedule.  

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