Does a High-Efficiency Heating System Help Save Money?

Here in New England, we rely on our heating systems to keep our homes warm for a huge portion of the year. The constant use of heating systems can lead to a pricey bill at the end of each month. Although there are no ways to cut corners on heating, there are steps you can to lower the costs. Investing in a high-efficiency heating system for your home or business can prove beneficial in the long run. 

What are High-Efficiency Heating Systems

High-efficiency heating systems are designed to provide benefits, including comfort, moisture control, air quality, and less noise. These systems have higher performance levels and lower utility costs than traditional heating systems. They also incorporate safety and environmentally friendly features that many homeowners desire. 

Long-Term Cost Benefits 

Is the investment in a high-efficiency heating system worth it? Many people are discouraged by the higher upfront cost of installing one of these systems, but it is essential to look at the big picture. Yes, high-efficiency heating systems come with a higher price tag, but your heat bills will thank you for it. The savings depend on your home’s size, the weather in your area, and how often you use the system. Although there is no definitive number, these systems can help reduce your bill’s cost by 15% all the way up to 40%. Talk to your local HVAC contractor to discuss the savings that could be made by installing a high-efficiency system in your home. 

Mass Save Loan Program 

When considering your next heating system, do your research on the save loan program offered in the state of Massachusetts. The Mass save heat loan is a program that gives homeowners financing options for their heat system upgrades. For qualified home improvements, you may be eligible for up to $25,000 at an interest rate of 0% toward these efficient systems. All you have to do is apply, schedule an assessment, fill out the necessary paperwork, and find a participating lender. The Mass loan program was put in place to make energy-saving solutions more accessible to residents. 

Ask One Call HVAC About High-Efficiency Heating Systems

One Call HVAC specializes in installing these high-efficiency heating systems in homes throughout the South Shore. We will discuss your saving possibilities and educate you on eligibility for the Mass Save Loan program.  Give us a call at (781) 291-0438 to schedule your free estimate today!